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Where does the shortage of skilled truck drivers come from?


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The shortage of skilled truck drivers is a problem felt in many countries, including Germany. There are several contributing factors:

Demographic change: in many European countries the number of older truck drivers is increasing, while there are too few young people choosing this profession.

Competition for labour: There is high competition for labour in the labour market and many young people choose other professions that are considered more attractive.

Working conditions: The working conditions of HGV drivers, such as long working hours, high pressure and long absences from home, may contribute to the low attractiveness of the profession.

Legal regulations: Legal regulations on driving and rest time can lead to HGV drivers being away from home for long periods of time, which is not attractive for everyone.

To combat the shortage of skilled HGV drivers, companies can do more to make the profession more attractive, for example by improving their working conditions, offering more flexible working hours and providing training and development opportunities. In addition, government initiatives and incentive programmes can support the training and employment of HGV drivers and provide incentives to attract more young people to the profession.

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